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All that you need to know about Niltac™ Silicone Medical Adhesive Remover (sometimes called SMARs) and our peristomal skin care supplies can be found here, whether you are a patient (such as an ostomate or continence patient) looking for pain free removal of adhesive products (stoma pouch, external sheath catheter, wound dressing etc), or a wound care clinician searching for atraumatic removal of medical adhesives.

Niltac™ for medical adhesives

There are many types of modern medical adhesives used in a wide variety of applications, often to secure dressings and appliances to the skin. They are necessary, but even ‘skin friendly’ medical adhesives can cause a variety of problems, especially during removal.

Ostomy care – continence care – wound care

Skin is the largest organ of the body and (amongst other functions) it is the first line of defence. Skin care is especially important for patients who must bond appliances or dressings to their skin every day. Stoma pouches, external sheath catheters and some wound care dressings require a constant secure bond to the skin.

For many patients, removal of adhesives causes considerable pain, trauma and damage.  Often (even when it is not especially painful) removal will strip cells from the outer protective layer of skin (stratum corneum) and reduce the protection provided.

Niltac™ uses 100% silicone technology - carefully formulated to solve many problems experienced by patients and clinicians and improve quality of daily living.

Niltac™ releases medical adhesives.....quickly and painlessly.

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