Removal Of Medical Adhesives

How to use Niltac™

Niltac™ has been carefully designed for fast and easy use.  Please carefully follow the complete instructions in each pack.

Niltac™ 50ml aerosol – Order Code TR 101

For fast, painless and trauma-free removal of medical adhesives from the skin surface

Removal Of Medical Adhesives

To Use

  1. Spray Niltac™ around the edge of the adhesive and wait a few seconds.
  2. Gently peel adhesive away from the skin using additional Niltac™ to ease removal, if necessary.
  3. Dries in a few seconds. Once dried Niltac™ will not affect adhesion of further dressings or appliances.
  4. Niltac™ can be sprayed with the aerosol upside down

Contents: 100% silicone blend with a propellant

Niltac™ Wipes – Order Code TR 102

Quick and easy removal of medical adhesive residues  from the skin surface

Removal Of Medical Adhesives

To use

  1. Tear sachet to open and unfold tissue.
  2. Rub tissue over adhesive residue to remove.
  3. Niltac™ dries in a few seconds, creating a clean surface without affecting adhesion of the next appliance or dressing.

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Removal Of Medical Adhesives


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