100% silicone adhesive remover

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Niltac™100% silicone Sting Free Medical Adhesive Remover

For atraumatic removal of medical adhesives from skin.

Skin care often plays a vital role in overall patient care. It forms an integral part of care across a wide range of therapy areas, especially where a patients’ skin is vulnerable, such as neonatal and elderly care.  Therapy areas include:

Wound care
Ostomy care
Continence care

Removing medical adhesives from skin can strip cells from the outer protective layer – the stratum corneum. The effects can cause pain to the patient and extend the healing process.

Until recent developments in silicone technology, the only option was to use an alcohol or oil-based medical adhesive remover. But most healthcare professionals understand that these products have the potential to cause problems. These negative effects restrict the value of alcohol and oil-based products and many clinicians are unaware of the enormous benefits now available with the new silicone technology of Niltac™ - Silicone Medical Adhesive Remover (SMAR).

The table below compares some of the negative and positive effects of alcohol, oil and silicone based medical adhesive removers.

Effects of alcohol - oil and silicone-based adhesive removers

  Alcohols Oils Silicones
Negative effects
Astringent effect on healthy and broken skin yes no no

Cooling effect on skin (evaporation of alcohol)

yes no no
Dissolve hydrocolloids yes yes no

Residue formed after use

yes yes no

Prolonged use damaging skin

yes no no
Requires a secondary skin cleansing product no yes no

Positive effects

Evaporates readily

yes no yes
Skin able to receive new appliance no no yes

Inert within the body

no no yes

Source: Peace (2006); Berry et al (2007)

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100% silicone adhesive remover